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Public Enemy
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Public Enemy, also known as P.E., is a seminal Golden Age era Hip-Hop group known for their densely layered production and politically charged lyrics demonstrating their interest in the concerns of the African American community. PE formed in Long Island, New York, in 1982 around a WBAU radio show as Spectrum City. After one less-than-successful single, they regrouped and signed to the still developing Def Jam record label after Rick Rubin heard Chuck D freestyling on a demo.

Public Enemy songs

  1. Bring the Noise86
  2. Fight the Power74
  3. Don't Believe the Hype67
  4. Rebel Without a Pause65
  5. 911 Is a Joke58
  6. Welcome to the Terrordome56
  7. Shut 'Em Down51
  8. Night of the Living Baseheads49
  9. Can't Truss It47
  10. Public Enemy No. 143
  11. Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos36
  12. Cold Lampin' With Flavor36
  13. Prophets of Rage32
  14. By the Time I Get to Arizona31
  15. Terminator X to the Edge of Panic30
  16. Show 'Em Whatcha Got28
  17. He Got Game26
  18. Miuzi Weighs a Ton23
  19. Harder Than You Think22
  20. Security of the First World20
  21. DJ Lord Solo16
  22. Anti-Nigger Machine16
  23. She Watch Channel Zero?!14
  24. I Shall Not Be Moved13
  25. Brothers Gonna Work It Out11
  26. Burn Hollywood Burn11
  27. Do You Wanna Go Our Way???10
  28. Timebomb10
  29. Meet the G That Killed Me10
  30. Black Is Back9
  31. Hoover Music8
  32. 31 Flavors8
  33. Lost at Birth8
  34. Give It Up8
  35. Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya Man7
  36. Caught, Can We Get a Witness?7
  37. Louder Than a Bomb7
  38. Drum Solo7
  39. Contract on the World Love Jam7
  40. Who Stole the Soul?7
  41. Man Plans God Laughs6
  42. Party for Your Right to Fight6
  43. Incident at 66.6 FM6
  44. Power to the People5
  45. Countdown to Armageddon4
  46. Son of a Bush4
  47. Nighttrain4
  48. Buck Whylin'4
  49. Later On3
  50. Let's Get Lit3
  51. Get Up Stand Up3
  52. Mind Terrorist3
  53. Hazy Shade of Criminal3
  54. More News at 113
  55. S1W Intro2
  56. Seven Nation Army2
  57. Smells Like Teen Spirit2
  58. Flavor Flav outro2
  59. I Don't Wanna Be Called Yo Niga2
  60. See Something, Say Something2
  61. Say It Like It Really Is2
  62. Let's Lose Control2
  63. Crayola2
  64. Crash2
  65. Here I Go2
  66. Resurrection2
  67. The Hot One2
  68. B Side Wins Again2
  69. Put It Up2
  70. Revolverlution2
  71. What Good Is a Bomb2
  72. Gotta Give the Peeps What They Need2
  73. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)2
  74. 41:192
  75. What What2
  76. Lost At Birth / Public Enemy No. 11
  77. B-Side Wins Again / Reggie Jax1
  78. (Beat Pharoah)1
  79. Shake Your Booty1
  80. Hover Maneuver1
  81. Hate Rock-N-Roll1
  82. Show Me What You Got1
  83. Flavor-My D.J. LORD1
  84. Rampage1
  85. Flavor-End Rant1
  86. As Long as the People Got Something to Say1
  87. Welcome to the Terrordome / Bring the Noise / Pump the Music, Pump the Sound1
  88. Beat Your Ass1
  89. RLTK1
  90. Gucci Time1
  91. Flashlight Fight1
  92. Guitar Solo1
  93. Chuck D Freestyle1
  94. Timebomb / Miuzi Weighs a Ton1
  95. You're Gonna Get Yours1
  96. Lose Control1
  97. Revolution1
  98. Happy Birthday Flava Flav1
  99. Fuck George W. Bush1
  100. Flavor Flav's Moment of Silence for the victims of Hurricane Katrina1
  101. Chuck D's Make Love Not War speech1
  102. Fight the Power1
  103. Whole Lotta Love Goin on in the Middle of Hell1
  104. Stop in the Name...1
  105. What Side You On?1
  106. Bedlam 13:131
  107. So Whatcha Gone Do Now?1
  108. Race Against Time1
  109. Godd Complexx1
  110. What Kind of Power We Got?1
  111. Common Thread1
  112. The Ole Bitch-U-Worryz1
  113. 1 Million Bottlebags1
  114. Back in Black1
  115. Do You Wanna Go Our Way1
  116. Check One Two1
  117. Personal Persecution1
  118. Jailbreak1
  119. I'm the Man1
  120. Jasper1
  121. Carry My Load1
  122. Grudge1
  123. Flavor on the Beat1
  124. Bring That Beat Back1
  125. First the Sheep Next the Shepherd1
  126. Everything's Gonna Be Alright1
Add Date Venue Location Tour Encores
1992 6 Mar Hollywood Palladium17 songs Hollywood United States Apocalypse '91 - The Enemy Strikes Black No
1991 16 Oct Salt PalaceNo information Salt Lake City United States Bring the Noise Tour No
1991 23 Oct Seattle Center Arena1 songs Seattle United States Bring the Noise Tour No
1991 15 Oct Mammoth Event CenterNo information Denver United States Bring the Noise Tour No
1991 18 Oct Wilson TheatreNo information Fresno United States Bring the Noise Tour No
1991 28 Nov Louisville GardensNo information Louisville United States Bring the Noise Tour No
1991 26 Sep The RitzNo information New York United States Bring the Noise Tour No
1991 22 Oct Salem Armory AuditoriumNo information Salem United States Bring the Noise Tour No
1991 20 Oct Henry J. Kaiser Convention CenterNo information Oakland United States Bring the Noise Tour No
1991 19 Oct Irvine Meadows16 songs Irvine United States Bring the Noise Tour No
1991 27 Sep RPI FieldhouseNo information Troy United States Bring the Noise Tour No
1991 25 Sep Orpheum TheatreNo information Boston United States Bring the Noise Tour No