Chicks on Speed playing Jeremiah Warm-up

Song Jeremiah Warm-up by Chicks on Speed was played in 1 out of 1 shows with a probability of 100% to listen to it live, since its debut on Oct 19, 2021, played last at Oct 19, 2021

Chicks on Speed

Chicks on Speed
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Chicks on Speed are a female electroclash band, born when Alex and Melissa met at the Munich Art Academy in Munich, Germany in 1997. Chicks on Speed's core members are Melissa Logan (Upstate NY, USA) and Alex Murray-Leslie (Bowral, Australia), who collaborate with amongst others Anat Ben-David (Tel Aviv, Israel), Kathi Glas (Berlin, Germany) and A.L. Steiner (NY, USA). Around Chicks on Speed there is grouped a large and ever-changing collective of musicians, producers, fashion and graphic artists, designers, film and video makers, and so on.